• Period underwear...

    You have light flow or normal flow menstrual periods? Here is our collection of period undies designed by us. These are made from 100% organic cotton (the part in contact with the skin and the outer part) and will ensure comfort and peace of mind up to 24H. These period knickers are eco-friendly and healthy for your body,  odor free and without feeling damp, washable and reusable in the same way as your daily lingerie. But the usefulness of our leakproof girl period underwear doesn't stop here! You can also use them in the context of bladder weakness, vaginal discharge, or even after sexual intercourse. You were already convinced or tempted by a menstrual underwear? Look no further, our period proof underwear Petite Voile are made for you!

  • Period underwear heavy...

    For women who who have heavy bleeding during their period and who are still reluctant to switching to period panties, Petite Voile has designed for her menstrual panties for heavy flow which will bring you the peace of mind you need. Thanks to its double-layered and extended absorbing part, your period panty Petite Voile will allow you to feel free while well protected. In the same way as the period panties for light and normal flow, the period panties for heavy flow are also made from organic cotton (the part in contact with the skin and the outer part), odor free and without feeling damp, and are of course washable and reusable for a long time. 

  • Accessories

    Because we are well aware it is not always easy to change your period panty anywhere during the day, and it is not that convenient either to put away loosely this worn period underwear into your handbag, we have thought that a little waterproof bag might be useful. Once taken off, you will be able to slip your Petite Voile period knickers into this bag, close the bag with the help of its drawstring, then keep it safe until you are able to wash it.

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